City Neighbors Charter School, our founding school, opened in 2005 with 120 students in grades K-5 and now serves more than 200 students in grades K-8.  Now in its second decade with two full contract renewals, test scores that far surpass those of Baltimore City and often state averages, a well-established project-based, arts-integrated workshop model, and a parent body that has contributed more than 60,000 hours in its first 10 years, CNCS remains one of the premier K-8 schools in Baltimore.


Opening its doors in the fall of 2009 with Kindergarten through 3rd grade, City Neighbors Hamilton has now grown to a full K-8 school serving 234 students, like its sister school, City Neighbors Charter School.  Nestled in the heart of Hamilton and sharing a campus with City Neighbors High School, City Neighbors Hamilton has yearly waitlists nearing 500 students, and serves as a model site for its progressive education practices, parent-school governance, and physical environment.


Opening with just 9th grade in 2010, City Neighbors High School graduated its first class of seniors in the spring of 2014. Inspired by the question, “What would it take for every student to be Known, Loved, and Inspired?” City Neighbors High School has become a model of high school education for its unique pod structure, its physical environment, and its stand for student and teacher empowerment. City Neighbors High School serves 410 students, with hundreds of students on their waitlists each year.

The lotteries for 2021-22 enrollment have been completed for each of schools.  However, we are still accepting applications for our waiting lists.  

Please check individual school websites for details on how to submit an application.