The City Neighbors Foundation Council

The City Neighbors Foundation is governed by a members’ council which consists of four representatives from each of the City Neighbors’ schools, paid staff members, and appointed community members. The Foundation Council meets quarterly and works to ensure the City Neighbors Foundation continues to meet its mission and vision.


City Neighbors Charter School (est. 2005)
Kuana Holley – Burris, President
Kate Seidl, Principal
Megan Doyle, Teacher
Liz Sterner, Community Relations

City Neighbors Hamilton (est. 2009)
Erika Coughlin, President
Shyla Rao, Principal
Clara Walter, Teacher
Raina Wilson, Diversity and Inclusion

City Neighbors High School (est. 2010)
Farrah Howard, President
Cheyanne Zahrt, Principal
Christina Ross, Teacher
TBD, Student

Advocacy Chair:  Sue Fothergill, Past President