The 5th Annual Progressive Ed Summit!

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January 24, 2015

Keynote Speaker: 

Dr. Howard Fuller 

“When can we declare that equity has been achieved? What does it look like? For me, the quest for equity is an eternal struggle that manifests itself in the push for respect, for dignity, for influence, and for self-determination.”


City Neighbors Receives Two New Grants:   Healthy Neighborhoods and The Goldseker Foundation

City Neighbors High School received a $10,000 community improvement grant from the Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc. to support renovations to and beautification of its entranceway.

The City Neighbors Foundation received an $8,200 Management Assistance Grant from The Goldseker Foundation.  This grant supports the Strategic Planning work with Consultant Ann Quinn and supports a financial management support consultancy that will take place from January through June of 2015.

Presentations:   A Part of the Local and National Dialogue
The City Neighbors Foundation continues to be a part of the local and national conversation on education and innovation.

MICA Inaugural In/Sight Speaker Series (Baltimore), “The Vision of the Child”      The City Neighbors Foundation was invited to be the inaugural speaker at a new graduate series at MICA called the In/Sight Series.  We conducted a two-hour workshop entitled “The Vision of the Child” connecting underlying visions of education to practice and pedagogy.

The Teaching Innovation Conference 2014 (New York City), “Re-Imagining Education”      Bobbi Macdonald will be part of a panel at The Blue School’s Teaching Innovation Conference in New York City on November 4.  The panel – an outgrowth of her work on The Convergence Group – is considering new visions and directions for public education.

National Education Week Conference (Washington D.C.), “Envisioning the Future of Learning”     On November 10, Bobbi will be part of a similar panel for National Education Week in Washington D.C., sharing the work of The Convergence Group and challenging folks to think differently about education.

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