Presentations: A Part of the Local and National Dialogue

The City Neighbors Foundation continues to be a part of the local and national conversation on education and innovation, including these recent presentations:

  • Launching the National Coalition of Diverse Charter Schools, National Charter Schools Conference (Las Vegas)
  • MICA Inaugural In/Sight Speaker Series (Baltimore), “The Vision of the Child”
  • The Teaching Innovation Conference 2014 (New York City), “Re-Imagining Education”
  • National Education Week Conference (Washington D.C.), “Envisioning the Future of Learning”
  • Harvard University: Urban leadership in Schools, “The Story of City Neighbors”
  • 2015 National Teaching and Learning Conference: “Teacher Voice and Charter Schools”
  • Johns Hopkins University, 2011 and 2013: Taught “Urban Progressive Education” graduate course
  • NAEYC, 2011: “Renovations Just Aren’t Enough”
  • Somerville Massachusetts School District, 2011: “Who Cares? Teacher-Student Relationships in Middle School”
  • Baltimore 2013, “School Daze: Conversations in Urban Education”