Interested in a Consultancy with City Neighbors?

City Neighbors Foundation is committed to the development of high-quality professional learning and
professional learning co Education Summit each January, host regular DIY PD at City Neighbors events, conduct consultancies with other schools, and host hundreds of visitors to our campuses each year.

Areas of Support

City Neighbors Foundation can provide consultancy in a variety of strategies and approaches including, but not limited to:

• Linking Your Vision of the Child with Your Organizational Practice
• K-12 Progressive Education
• Arts Integration
• Project-Based Learning
• Reggio Emilia
• Play-Based and Developmentally-Appropriate Early Childhood Education
• Middle and High School Advisory Programming
• Student Voice: Presentations of Learning/Portfolio Presentations, Advisory, Independent Projects/  Emergent Learning
• The Workshop Model
• Engagement-Based Learning
• Developing Communities of Practice
• Democratic and Inclusive Leadership

Types of Consultancies

● Extended Consultancy (1-2 years)
● Mini-consultancies (2-3 months)
● Workshops
● Leadership or Teacher Coaching

What Makes Our Consultancy Different?

City Neighbors approaches our consultancies with a clear theory of action. Great learning is best realized nestled in strong relationships, co-constructed goals, and the intention for deeper long-lasting learning. We believe this is true for children, for adults and for organizations.

City Neighbors consultants work to build long-lasting relationships with school leaders and the teaching community. Together, we define the learning, the implementation and the plans to sustain work after the consultancy. And, all extended consultancies are led by a City Neighbors team, which includes a school leader and classroom practitioners – so that like experiences and access points to the learning can be shared.

If you are interested in exploring a consultancy with City Neighbors, please contact Gwendolyn Unoko, Director of Community Programs, at


“The Maryland Alliance of Public Charter Schools has partnered successfully with City Neighbors Foundation over the last two years, most recently in moving our 16-hour workshop series for prospective and new charter school founders fully online. In doing so, our workshops were reimagined to promote online interaction and engagement while providing a sequential roadmap to help founders create distinctive programming and strong State applications.” ~ Stephanie, Maryland Alliance of Public Charter Schools, Baltimore, MD

“The partnership has been extremely helpful in ensuring that are students are given extra resources. Teachers have received professional development on classroom setup, classroom instruction, and project-based learning. We are truly honored to have such amazing partners in the work!” ~ Sam Rather, Calvin Rodwell Elementary/Middle School, Baltimore, MD